Jemma Gonzalez

NPS MedicineWise

Jemma has worked in healthcare for 17 years both in clinical practice as a dietitian; and using her behaviour change and educational skills to develop and implement health promotion strategies from concept to implementation.

Specialising in diabetes, Jemma has developed a UK nationally accredited training course - Diabetes Awareness Training, Diabetes Conversation Map tools and is author of Carbs Count - a book about carbohydrate counting and insulin dose adjustment.

Since arriving in Australia 9 years ago, Jemma has worked as Consumer Lead at NPS MedicineWise developing programs and resources for consumers to improve the quality use of medicines and medical tests, covering a wide range of health topics including low back pain, asthma and cardiovascular disease. 

Digital Posters by Jemma Gonzalez
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Jemma Gonzalez, Jason Ealey & Josh Meyers