Cathryn Dunstan

Monash Health

Mrs Cathryn Dunstan

Choosing Wisely Project Officer, Centre for Clinical Effectiveness, Monash Health

Monash Health is a current member of the Victorian Choosing Wisely collaborative and Cathryn’s role as senior project officer supports the implementation of the Choosing Wisely Australia recommendations within this context. Cathryn has many years of experience in business improvement and process redesign at Dental Health Services Victoria.

As the Monash Health Choosing Wisely Project Officer, Cathryn's primary focus is to facilitate leadership engagement, multi-disciplinary collaboration, and behaviour change initiatives to translate evidence into practice. This supports successful system wide quality improvement within a complex healthcare environment. 

Digital Posters by Cathryn Dunstan
Why is a kidney stone like a duck?
Why is a kidney stone like a duck?" Nudging behaviour change to reduce patient radiation from unnecessary renal colic CTU
C.Dunstan, G. Belcher, M. Hiew, A. Melder, D. EdgertonWarburton